Kira's Puppy Mill Journey

Kira, a rescued puppy mill collie, on her road to recovery.

10 Rules for Adopting a Puppy Mill Survivor


The 10 cardinal rules for adopting a puppy mill survivor

  1. Have no expectations or timetable for change.
  3. Puppy mill survivors have an absolute requirement for UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE. If you are not prepared or able to provide this, do not adopt one of these special dogs.
  4. Being with, being comforted by and learning from other dogs is the single best way to emotionally heal for all but a few puppy mill survivors.
  5. Tiny improvements are monumental conquests. The smallest baby step is cause for joyous (but calm and quiet!) celebration.
  6. Never punish, scold, discipline or raise your voice with your puppy mill survivor.
  7. Two clichés do not apply to puppy mill survivors: “Time heals all wounds” and “Love conquers all.” However, time and love remain essential parts of the healing process.
  8. Emotional healing is an up-and-down journey on the way up. Two steps forward and one step back is a normal part of emotional recovery for puppy mill dogs. Expect to see the one step back many times and even occasionally two or even three steps back. This is all normal.
  9. Never forget that no matter what your puppy mill survivor does, he still needs you to keep trying to help him heal.
  10. Remember…No matter what happens, it’s all but assured that you will gain a sense of satisfaction and reward that you have never known before.

From Best Friends Animal Society (full documents linked in the Resources section).

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Author: repoleon

I have been so fortunate to share my life with so many amazing dogs. I hope that by sharing the story of one of those dogs - Kira - I can raise awareness about the issue of puppy mills.

5 thoughts on “10 Rules for Adopting a Puppy Mill Survivor

  1. I couldn’t do it. As much as I’d love to, I just couldn’t. That’s a special dog for a special person. But at least I know myself and know it would end badly. I admire everyone who does rescue mill dogs.


  2. I think many of those apply in many dog/human situations. Thanks so much for joining the hop!


  3. Our puppy mill breeder mom, Maggie is the subject of our post today – she has made great progress, but your list really hit home – everyone of them is true.


  4. Thank you for joining the hop. I read this post and the one before it. What a great job you have done with Kira, I can only imagine what kind of music that little duck quack is to your ears. We’re not sure where Delilah came from but we’re certain she didn’t have much use for humans. When she comes and seeks out attention, my heart overflows, it’s such a gratifying feeling.


  5. I’m sorry I missed this last week. Thank you for adding to the hop. I commend you for taking in a mill dog, it’s a very long and tough road.


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